Your private data
should be reliably secured

NS Wallet is secure offline storage for your confidential and sensitive information (like passwords, credit cards numbers, pin codes and any other information you want to keep in secret). Privacy is our highest concern, that's why our password manager is fully offline solution (no clouds, no sync with servers), your data is stored ONLY on your smartphone or tablet and it is encrypted with AES-256 cyper algorythm using your master-password as encryption/decryption key.

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Strong security

The data is encrypted with AES-256 and located only on your device in secure offline storage.


You can keep any kind of information and create your own fields and fields types, there are no predefined forms for your data

No ads, no registrations

We do not bother you with ads, you do not need to register anywhere

Strong passwords

The app has embedded password generation system, it creates new passwords based on your preferences or on your previous password

Comfortable browsing

The app has clever behaviour based on the field content, it opens phone number in dialer, web pages in browser and so on

Reliable backup system

Our embedded backup system makes automatic backups, you have possibility to rollback to any previous snapshot of the data.

Adjustable user interface

There are several embedded app themes, fonts families and sizes can be changed, some configurable special folders are available

Quick search

No matter how many records you have in the database, everything can be found in seconds with internal search engine

Multi-language interface

The app supports currently 8 local languages, more new languages are upcoming soon. Any user can contribute in translations.

Why do I even need a password manager?

For the sake of security, it is better to have different passwords for every service to make sure that your sensitive information is secured. Even if credentials on one of the websites or services is compromised, all the rest of your credentials to other services will be safe as every of them has its unique strong password. With our password manager, you will need to remember only ONE master password, all your other passwords will be safely stored in the encrypted local data storage. Privacy is our highest concern, that's why our password manager is fully offline solution, your data is stored ONLY on your smartphone or tablet, nowhere else.

Why should I trust your app? How can I be sure that my personal data will not leak?

1. We do not use any clouds or servers to store your data, your data is only on your device in secure offline storage, nowhere else. There is no server to hack :)
2. The app does not have the access to internet, check app permissions in the phone settings, you will NOT find any network permission there, the data cannot leak out technically.
3. We are already 8 years on the market and have thousands of users, read their real reviews for all these years

I forgot my password, how can I restore the access to my data?

The only way to restore the access to your data is to recall your password. The data is encrypted using AES cypher algorithm and your password is used as a key for encryption/decryption, there is no way to get the access to your data without knowing the password, that’s why NS Wallet is very secure app.

I want to have an early access to the new version of the app, can I have it?

It is possible on Android, join our BETA community and get the latest available version of the app from our BETA channel

Version 4.07.2146 March 30, 2020

  • Fixed backup logic to support Android 10
  • Fixed the crash that happened sometimes on special folders
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