Secure and reliable password manager

NS Wallet is reliable and secure storage for your confidential information (like passwords, credit cards numbers and pin codes and etc). Have you ever run into the situation, you could not remember password for your social network or community? Or password for your mailbox?  Password for your messenger? Do you have some credit cards and you mix pin codes sometimes?

NS Wallet will help you to manage all your secret information!

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Main features

  • You do not have to remember dozens of your passwords, pin codes and other important pieces of information,  you have to remember only one master password to access NS Wallet
  • NS Wallet encrypts all your passwords and other information using AES-256 cypher algorithm, so even if you loose your Android or iPhone device or it is stolen, nobody will be able to access your private information
  • NS Wallet stores all your information in one file on your mobile device, so it is easy to backup it and it will be available even if device is broken
  • Automatic lock, nobody can glean the information from your device while you are away
  • Base version of NS Wallet for mobile devices is FREE forever
  • High flexibility, there is possibility to add any type of your own custom information
  • The app automatically creates backup files and stores them securely
  • It has embedded password generator can be used to produce highly secure passwords
  • There is no Internet usage to reduce the risk of data loss (no ads, no tracking, no remote stats gathering)
  • Login with finger print or face ID (if it is supported by phone)

Premium features (available only in Premium version of the app)

  • Theme changing (you can select from some beautiful graphical themes)
  • Special folder “Recently viewed”, the folder is showing recently viewed items
  • Special folder “Frequently viewed”, the folder is showing frequently viewed items
  • Tracking expiring items
  • Search
  • Automatic login
  • Automatic night mode
  • Changing fonts

VERY IMPORTANT! Remember your password for NS Wallet by heart! It is very important because NS Wallet does not save your password anywhere, it only uses your password during work session to generate key for encryption/decryption. If you forgot your password, there is no way to restore it and your encrypted information!

Supported platforms

Pay attention to the fact the 3.x application is not backward compatible with previous versions of the app, so if you started using 3.x then you will not be able to downgrade and use 1.x or 2.x again.

If you want to have an early access to BETA version of the app on Android platform, please join our community: