We are back!

Dear users of NS Wallet, we came back after long silence to announce that new version of the app for Android and iOS will be released very soon. Keep tracking the website for more details.

Meanwhile, let’s find out what is your favourite platform where you are using our app

7 thoughts on “We are back!”

  1. Hi, I’ve using the app for 4 years. I fully satisfied with it, but today I’ve received warning from Dropbox. They are going to disconnect NSWallet from Dropbox after September, 28th. What should I do to keep synchronization via Dropbox for NSWallet?


    1. We are working on the new version of the app where the work with the cloud will be done in a new way. Thank you for your loyalty and sorry for temporary inconveniences with cloud functionality.


  2. Hi I’ve been using your free(premium version) for about 3years give or take and it’s great I was even able to get all my info transferred from android to iOS with no hassle looking forward to your new app I’m sure it will be great


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