FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. I forgot my password, how can I restore the access to my data?

A. The only way to restore the access to your data is to recall your password. The data is encrypted using AES cypher algorithm and your password is used as a key for encryption/decryption, there is no way to get the access to your data without knowing the password, that’s why NS Wallet is very secure app.

Q. I bought new phone, how do I transfer all my data to the new phone?

A. Your passwords are stored only locally on your phone, there are no copies on any cloud/servers and this behaviour has the purpose: we respect your private data and keeping it secure is the main goal of the app, your data is only on your phone, nowhere else. There is one disadvantage of this approach: you have to take care about transferring the data on your own. Do no panic, it is quite easy and can be done quite fast.

  • Go to the menu “Backup” and do new manual backup
  • Select the latest backup and in the popup menu tap “export” and select destination of the export file (it can be the cloud you trust or any other app which is working with files)
  • On your new phone just open the backup file file with NS Wallet
  • Enjoy!

Q. What happens if I’ve lost the device or it is broken?

A. First of all, do not worry, your data is encrypted and nobody will be able to access your data without your password. On the other hand, you do not have your data anymore. That’s sad but you can avoid this situation if you periodically will make backups (Menu “Backup”-> button “Manual Backup”) and transfer files to your Mac/PC  (the most reliable and recommended way is to store it on the USB stick and keep in the real safe)

Q. I forgot my password but I want to start using NS Wallet from the scratch, how can I reset the application?

A. Uninstall the application and install it again. If you bought any premium features they will be automatically restored.

Q. I want to export data from NS Wallet using CSV/XML/Text file. Can I do it?

A. This functionality is available only in Android app, we will implement the same for other platforms soon.

Q. I want to import data to NS Wallet using CSV/XML/Text file. Can I do it?

A. Not yet but we are working on that.

Q. Will be there Desktop version of the application? When?

A. Yes, Desktop version of the application will be available but we cannot tell you the date of release yet.

Q. I didn’t find the answer to my question here, what can I do?

A. Talk to our support team, you the contact form to send the message to us.