Release Notes

Version 3.23.1327
  • Login for non-ASCII password is fixed
  • In-app subscription for iOS is released
  • Performance improvements
Version 3.18.1076
  • Login with fingerprint
  • Export data to text and PDF
  • More obvious way to import stored backups
  • Copy / move for items and fields
  • Item’s sharing
  • Custom setting to change font size
  • Spanish language
  • Many others small changes and fixes
Version 3.16.952
  • Fixed crash on backup exporting for Android7+ phones
  • Open phone dialer from the app for the fields with the type ‘phone’
  • Open browser from the app for the fields with the type ‘link’
  • Open mail app from NS Wallet for the fields with the type ‘e-mail’
  • The functionality ‘Share it’ is available now
  • Fonts on some Android devices are bigger now
Version 3.15.941
  • Fix issue with custom icons
Version 3.15.939
  • Possibility to create new labels when adding new fields
  • Added Bulgarian and Catalan languages
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.14.924
  • Return dark theme for free users
  • Import backup files from other apps
  • Fixing navigation with ‘Back’ button
  • Fixing navigation issue on About screen
  • Fields with type Note, Date and Time look better now in the dark theme
  • Remove underscore line for the fields
Version 3.13.909
  • Fix previous password creation
  • Password generation
  • Clever password generation
  • Removed premium check on app start
  • Removed puzzling offer for legacy premium users
  • Translations fixes
  • Minor bug fixes and visual improvements
  • Fixing minor app version displaying
  • Added translations: Portugal, Ukrainian
Version 3.12.899
  • Fixing crash on popup window
  • Fixing crash on automatic backup for some devices
  • Fixing crash on time change on some devices
Version 3.11.898
  • Fixing layout for field view in case there is a lot of text inside
  • Scrolling added to fields view
  • Notes editing is done in multi-line edit box now
  • Add button view was fixed for devices with Android 4.x
  • Issue with the stuck popup is fixed
  • Keyboard is now automatically closed on automatic login
  • Minor visual changes
  • Internet access was removed
Version 3.0.868
  • Bug fix for crash on login on some Android devices
  • Small enhancements
Version 3.0.865

Dear users!

We are proud to announce the release of the brand new, fully redesigned and created from scratch NS Wallet 3.0! We hope you will like it!

We recreated everything from the scratch with the new tools and frameworks to simplify cross platform usage but unfortunately some functionality is still missing but we cannot wait anymore and we are releasing the app today!

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and for supporting us. As application maintenance and enhancement requires quite a lot of resources, we changed the marketing strategy and decided to switch to subscription mode and we encourage you to buy premium subscription if you want the application to be continuously improving. Nevertheless all the primary functionality of the app will stay free and this will never change!

What you gain if you use premium subscription? You will have full access to all new cool features we are planning to implement next months! Just some of them in our pipeline for 2018:

  • Storing images in the database (of course, they will be also encrypted)
  • Flowless adding credit cards in one shot
  • Backuping informtion in the cloud (Google Drive, iCloud & more)
  • Synchronization between different devices
  • Automatic login websites with stored user/password in embedded browser (with automatic logout if not in use)
  • Many, many other interesting stuff

We also proud to announce that in the beginning of 2018 we will provide to you feedback platform embedded directly in the app where you will be able to vote for the new features according to your own priorities and request new features. All of you who is actively using our app will become real product owners and you will decide long term roadmap for the application!

Thank you again for supporting us and we hope to see you as our premium user soon!