NS Wallet 3.21.1318 is available now for Android and (finally!) for iOS

Finally we went through Apple review process and now the latest version of the app (3.21.1318) is available on Appstore as well!

What’s included in this release

  • Importing custom icons (premium only)
  • Design and performance improvements
  • Bug fixing
  • Preparations for the user feedback platform

Find on App Store and Google Play

Premium features for old NS Wallet users

Dear premium users, who supported us previous years!

As there are many questions on play market and in our support mail box about premium functionalities for old premium users, we decided to explain here how it is managed now.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and support. You have already purchased premium version of the app and all current premium features will stay for you forever. Nevertheless, we changed marketing strategy, as application maintenance and enhancement requires quite a lot of resources, we decided to switch to subscription mode and if you want the application to be continuously improving then we encourage you to buy premium subscription.

  1. The most important: if you purchased premium app in the past then you still have access to all legacy premium features which were available in the old version of the application (like search, theme changing, special folders and so on), this premium status is called Legacy Premium now.
  2. You will need premium subscription only in case if you need specifically premium features of the new app (like login with fingerprint and some other features from our Road Map)
  3. In-app purchases are not available anymore, so new users can buy only premium subscription to activate any premium features.

Thank you for understanding!

First preview of new NS Wallet

Screenshots of the new app, what do you feel about it?